TPS Racing in short

Born from a hobby for more than 27 years, we can therefore advise and provide you with technical knowledge from almost 3 decades of experience in designing, developing and building Large Scale car models and tuning parts. We also supply high-quality Tuning Falcon3 engines. We are the only ones to be World Champion with a custom chassis and tuned engines, and we are proud of that!

Why choose us?

  • Because we deliver everything from stock
  • Because we offer a very wide range
  • Because we offer very competitive prices
  • Because you get 5% additional discount with saved TPS Points
  • Because we have a very high customer rating on Trustpilot

How can we be of any help to you?

  • Construction of models as desired, whether or not Ready To Run
  • Engines re-building, tuning and maintenance
  • Tuning and Car Maintenance
  • Advice when buying or selling new or used models
  • Queries for all kinds of questions about your model
  • Purchase of a wide range of cars, maintenance and tuning parts, engines and electronics.
We give you an honest and sincere advice, and provide you with maximum service and warranty to the extent possible.
That is why we have been around for 27 years, we do not have a garage sale, no empty promises, not the cheapest but the simply the best.
Do you have any questions just call us during opening hours, 0031263121230 or mail us.

TPS Racing BV

Your Passion is Our Passion